The meeting began with Chair Sarah Carroll’s announcement that no decision would be made following the hearing. A decision would come down in July. Removing the tension from the zoom room, it began.

The applicants presented their very comprehensive plan which could only be achieved by the demolition of the Church. It was pointed out by more than one that the presenters had an enormous time advantage preparing their proposal while those countering had less than a few months. Another point made was that the developers had a vested interest in the data coming out in a way most advantageous to them.

After the presentation, the Commission went directly to the public testimony. CCM Gale Brewer gave an impassioned statement objecting to the demolition. We heard from ASM Linda Rosenthal’s representative and Rev K Karpen, co-chair of CB7’s Preservation Committee, spoke to CB7’s opposition to the hardship case. The hearing lasted more than 4 hours and saw more than 40 people testify. We will send out an email with more details so check your inboxes.