WEPS membership is open to all. Without the support of our members, we could not continue our work nor keep our organization alive.

WEPS members have transformed New York City history by working to create new historic districts. WEPS members are your neighbors and friends, people interested in preserving and protecting West End Avenue and its surrounds. We are involved in what happens in our neighborhoods. We have a voice in change.

If you love West End Avenue, you should be a WEPS member.
If you are interested in the history, architecture and the future of our communities on the Upper West Side, you should be a WEPS member. If you reside in the West End Avenue historic districts, you definitely should be a WEPS member.

There is no minimum financial requirement to join WEPS, just sign on to our mailing list. We do ask for your tax-deductible contributions. Giving keeps our organization vital and allows us to flourish. WEPS relies on our membership to sustain us through our daily activities, assist in our special projects and to retain outside experts and legal representation, when necessary.

Join us, today! Let’s add you to our membership.


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