Please ask Governor Cuomo to sign Senate Bill 8037 and Assembly Bill 10421.  This legislation repeals a provision currently inserted into the New York State budget that allows the MTA to develop its properties avoiding local zoning and public review. New buildings on MTA land could be exempt from property taxes.

We have been through major changes in NYC zoning, this year, with newly adopted Zoning for Quality and Affordability and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing. Only after days of public hearings and many debates were the initial proposals somewhat revised. We cannot allow development of MTA sites with no public input and no regard for local zoning regulations. That would be disastrous for every neighborhood involved.

Urge the Governor to sign this legislation today and repeal the definition of “transportation purpose” for the purposes of the metropolitan transportation authority. Contact Gov Cuomo by phone at 518-474-8390 or by sending a message here.